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I need a new system but I can't lose all my information. Is there a way to keep my data?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Yes. We can convert data for more than 40 common shop management programs over to your new R.O. Writer system.

My shop has multiple locations. Do I have to purchase a separate license for each one?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Yes, you'll need to initially set up R.O. Writer at each of your locations. However, this doesn't mean they'll run independently. With the help of our Central Service Option, you can connect data from all your locations, allowing for sister-store part lookups, custom reporting, multi-location accounting and more.

Does R.O. Writer have barcode scanning capability?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Yes. You can even scan preferred customer cards, and automatically start new estimates.

Can I print things like repair orders, estimates, and reports from R.O. Writer?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Yes. R.O. Writer allows you to print directly from the system. Some of our Optional Modules even allow you to include custom features on documents, like your shop name and logo.

Can I email things like repair orders, estimates, and reports from R.O. Writer?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Yes. R.O. Writer allows you to email estimates, repair orders, invoices, and even marketing materials right from the system.

Is R.O. Writer compatible with my accounting software program, like QuickBooks?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Yes. R.O. Writer is specifically designed to integrate with many common accounting programs, including QuickBooks, Peachtree, Business Works, MAS90, AccPac, DacEasy, and more.

I think some of the Optional Modules will help my business down the road, but I'm not ready to purchase them just yet. Can I upgrade and add them at a later time?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Yes. R.O. Writer is designed to grow with you. You can add features and upgrade whenever you're ready.

Is there training available for R.O. Writer?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Yes. Choose from convenient online webinar training, or schedule an on-site training session at your location.

What kind of training does R.O. Writer offer for upgrades and new features?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Anytime software upgrades or new features are made available, registered users will be notified. Instructions for installation and use can be found at

What are the system requirements for R.O. Writer?Collapse AreaExpand Area

R.O. Writer requires Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional, Microsoft® Windows® 7 Ultimate, Microsoft® Windows® 8.x Professional, Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional, Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 R2, Windows Server® 2012 (Note: Server not required for multiuser R.O. Writer.) Some features may also have additional requirements. Click to learn more about R.O. Writer features.

Windows users, here's how to determine your computer's operating system:

  1. Find the "Computer" or "My Computer" icon on your computer (usually on your desktop)
  2. Right-click on the icon and select "Properties"
  3. A window called "System Properties" will appear. The Operating System is shown here.

Does R.O. Writer have a mobile app?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Absolutely! Designed for iPhones and iPads along with Android Smart Phones and tablets, R.O. Touch will help you improve your shop efficiency. From starting new repair orders, to assigning technicians to jobs, to electronic checklists, R.O. Touch helps your service writers and techs work smarter and faster. Plus, you can check your sales anytime, anywhere, all in real time.

How can I buy R.O. Writer?Collapse AreaExpand Area

c One of our great product reps will be happy to help you design a custom R.O. Writer package that works best for your business.

How do I decide which training class is right for me?Collapse AreaExpand Area

The 2 Day Bootcamps are hands-on sessions for anyone needing to learn to navigate R.O. Writer (Basic) or become more proficient in using the different aspects of R.O. Writer (Advanced). The 1 Day Conference is made up of lectures and demonstrations and is NOT a hands-on session. It is geared towards the more experienced R.O. Writer users, such as shop owners and their management team.

How long is each training day?Collapse AreaExpand Area

One training day consists of two training sessions: 8am - Noon, and 1pm - 5pm, with a lunch break in between.

What are the agendas for the 2 Day Bootcamps?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Basic Workshop

Day 1 Session 1 – Morning
Introduction and Invoicing Basics:
This session will introduce the concepts behind the R.O. Writer Shop Management System and give you an opportunity to build your core knowledge of the R.O. Writer Point of Sale module. You will acquire hands-on experience in pricing estimates and building invoices, taking advantage of the R.O. writer Smart eCat tool.

Day 1 Session 2 – Afternoon
Advance Invoicing and End-of-Day Procedures:
This session builds on the curriculum from the morning session, covering more complex and variable estimating and invoicing. Smart eCat is still in primary use but other catalog integrations are also discussed. This session finishes by walking through end-of-day best practices.

Day 2 Session 3 – Morning
Basics of Configuration:
This session is designed to enhance what was learned on Day 1 through working exercises geared toward providing a deeper knowledge of functionality and capability. Learning more about how something works and not just what it does will grow your understanding and appreciation of the vast uses of the R.O. Writer Shop Management System.

Day 2 Session 4 – Afternoon
Other Shop Essentials, Including Introductions to Accounts Payable, Inventory, Reporting and Marketing: This session explores other modules that facilitate everyday tasks. Learn more about managing inventory and how to handle payables and receivables at the front counter. Review vital reports and get a better understanding of how to incorporate basics of the Marketing and Followup module.

Advanced Workshop

Day 1 Session 1 – Morning
Smart Pricing and Smart eCat:
This session delves ‘behind the scenes’ of Smart eCat and Smart Pricing, two of the most powerful tools available in the R.O. Writer shop management system. Understand the full capabilities of each of these features and learn how to apply them in your business. In addition, this session sets up the afternoon topic with a comprehensive look at Smart Jobs.

Day 1 Session 2 – Afternoon
Advanced Inventory and Configuration:
This session starts with a look ‘under the hood’ of the R.O. Writer shop management system. Understand more about what configurable options are available to you and how they will impact your business, both at the front counter and in the back office. The latter half of the afternoon session is devoted to understanding the Inventory module and using it to boost efficiency and productivity.

Day 2 Session 3 – Morning
Managing Shop Workflow and Using R.O. Writer as a Hub of Communication:
This session looks at how you can use the various communication tools within R.O. Writer to help manage your shop workflow. Whether it’s communication between the service writer and the customer, the front counter and the shop, or helping the office staff tie everything together, communication is key. Various segments of Reporting, Marketing, Scheduler and Configuration come into play in order to keep everything running together.

Day 2 Session 4 – Afternoon
Tools for Measuring and Increasing Profitability (Includes Advanced Marketing):
This session deals with the most important piece of all – profitability – by discussing tools in both Reporting and Marketing that that can be used to measure and improve profitability. In addition, this session will use data from your shop in order to add familiarity to the tools, allow you to assess performance using your actual data and assist in building a roadmap for the future.

Where are your training classes held?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Our Conferences and Bootcamps are offered based on demand. Let us know where you would like us to hold classes by completing our survey

Do I have to bring anything to the training?Collapse AreaExpand Area

No, but you are welcome to bring a notepad and pen if you want.

When should I go ahead and book my travel and lodging?Collapse AreaExpand Area

It is advised to not make your travel and lodging arrangements until the class and your reservation is confirmed.

Is there a chance a Bootcamp or Conference may be cancelled or postponed?Collapse AreaExpand Area

A minimum number of participants per class is required. Classes may be cancelled or postponed if the total number of attendees does not meet the required minimum two weeks before the scheduled start date. Therefore it is advised to not make your travel and lodging arrangements until the class and your reservation are confirmed.
Bootcamp minimum: 8 participants
Conference minimum: 15 participants

How big are the Bootcamps and Conferences?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Bootcamps are limited to 15 participants. Conferences are limited to 30 participants.

Who are the training instructors?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Our training instructors are R.O. Writer experts. They have worked with our software for years, know it inside and out, and are excellent advisors for your questions about working with R.O. Writer in your shop.

Are there any discounts available for the advertised Bootcamps and Conferences?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Currently we are offering an Early Bird signup special, giving you a discounted rate if you book the Bootcamp or Conference 30+ days before the selected training start date.

What are your accepted forms of payment?Collapse AreaExpand Area

We currently accept all credit and debit cards and are also able to process payments via ACH Draft.

Are there any other training options available, such as online training?Collapse AreaExpand Area

Yes. Choose from convenient online webinar training, or schedule an on-site training session at your location.

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